Porsche 993 C4S


Porsche introduced the 993 series of the iconic 911 in 1993.  True to the everyday supercar concept the car retained the rear mounted six cylinder air cooled “boxer” engine in a 2 door, 2+2 coupe, convertible and later targa version.  Viewed by many to be the most beautiful 911 design of all time, the 993 series is also viewed by enthusiasts as the best engineered.  The 993 also represents the last of the air-cooled 911s, again for many the last “proper” Porsche as for the 996 and 997 that came after it Porsche switched to an all-new water cooled unit with less of the character of the air-cooled engines.  The later incarnations especially the 996 didn’t have the same visual and experiential impact and with the 997 Porsche harked back to the 993 in the new model’s design.  However for me and for many others the pinnacle of the 911’s achievement is the 993. 

Of the 993 range the pinnacle for me is the C4S.  Introduced in 1996 this special version of the Carrera 4 was introduced with the full Turbo chassis, suspension and brakes of the Turbo 4 including the wider Turbo body and Turbo-type 18” wheels.  Essentially a Turbo 993 minus the Turbo motor and fixed Turbo rear spoiler.  To me the perfect blend of the best of the visual style of the 993 (I preferred not to have the huge rear spoiler of the Turbo) with the upgraded components of the Turbo for greater driver involvement and feel all in a normally aspirated car. 

The car doesn’t suffer for lack of the blown engine.  It has a 3.6 litre engine kicking out 285bhp, 251 lb ft of torque capable driving it from 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and taking it to a top speed of 172 mph. 

I found my 993 C4S after a couple of years of looking.  I saw dozens but finally went for my Midnight Blue, Marble Grey, 1996 car because it just stood out from the others I saw, even later 1997 cars.  The colour combination is perfect, it had been spec’d with everything I would have selected if I had bought the car new, and had been taken care of by its previous owners.  I love this car and I made these pages to share the car with others to share in my enjoyment!  Let me know what you think!

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